CrossFitter Comeback

When I first met Dr. Shea, I was suffering from a shoulder injury and unable to get my left arm overhead.  I live a very active lifestyle: collegiate coach, avid crossfitter, and daily hikes trying to keep up with my two high energy Australian Shepherds.  I had been to several PT’s without any relief and was starting to believe that sleepless painful nights and toning down my activity levels were going to become my new norm.  Luckily, Dr. Shea was recommended by several friends and I decided to give him a try.    



It was apparent from my very first appointment how knowledgeable Dr. Shea was. I felt an immediate sense of relief knowing he was an athlete himself and that he was willing to work with me in order to get me back to doing what I love without pain.  The unique combination of spinal manipulation and dry needing were life-changing. In addition to treating the pain, Dr. Shea takes a proactive educational approach that encourages continued wellbeing through targeted strength and mobility exercises. I am now able to sleep through the night, move my arms overhead, and participate in activities that I enjoy without pain.  We are so fortunate to have someone like Dr. Shea to work with people of all ages and activity levels in the Upper Valley!