Greg Shea helped me many times throughout the year as a full time athlete. I do hundreds of hours of training throughout the summer including a lot of running and biking. I have some chronic tightness in my hips and get injured here and there due to the volume of training I do.

Greg has helped me through a lot of my injuries in addition to general maintenance. He is very knowledgeable and can provide effective care with dry needling, cupping, massage, chiropractic adjustment, rocktape, among other treatments. He has a great knowledge of the fascia of the body as well as muscles and joints. I highly recommend him as a physical therapist who is truly versatile among many methods of treatments for varying injuries.

— Ben L., US Ski Team, US National Champion 2017

I saw Greg for patella tendinitis and then bicep tendonitis. Greg was super - he was incredibly creative in his treatment methods and very inspirational. His recommendations for PT exercises between sessions were super-helpful. I give him my strongest recommendation.
— Allegra L.

As a highly competitive cyclocross racer, I have had more than a few occasions over the years to seek help from a therapist, and often, my condition did not improve until I received coordinated care from a team of individuals (chiropractor, physical therapist, sports medicine rehabilitator).

The amazing thing about Greg is that his training and expertise allows him to fulfill all of these roles at once—so you not only get more improved care overall, but the results come faster. Also, being a competitive athlete himself, Greg wholeheartedly embraces the “active lifestyle” at the center of his practice.

Finally, if you’re squeamish at all about dry needling, I would encourage you to “bite the bullet” and try it, knowing that you’re in the best hands with Greg. He is one of the gentlest, most precise dry needlers I have worked with, and it makes a huge difference from both a therapeutic and performance standpoint.
— Alix N.

I have been seeing Greg Shea for over a year and through dry needling and regular “tune ups”, my quality of life is back 100%!
— Judy L.

I am a Green Racing Project rower at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center. I started seeing Greg during the summer of 2017 when I arrived in Vermont to train full time with the team. I explained my injury history with Greg- which includes spine surgery to augment herniated 2 herniated discs and intercostal and rib issues- and we have been working together to create a comprehensive plan to unravel tight and stuck body parts. A large part of my treatment plan involves dry-needling, an area of expertise for Greg.

He sees the body holistically. In addition to the needles Greg gives me hands-on spine adjustments; Graston Technique; massage; and, prescribes exercises, stretches, and movement corrections that will complement his treatments.

I am grateful to have access to Greg’s professionalism and expertise as I pursue the highest level in the sport of rowing. As an added bonus, Greg is also an athlete, so I always feel like I leave his office with more knowledge about the human body with respect to movement and physiology than when I came in.
— Jennifer F.

Working with Greg Shea has been nothing but a pleasure! After seeking out a family doctor, nutritionist, and then chiropractor, I was still feeling that my dizziness, fatigue, and lack of feeling strong were not quite resolved. Greg’s multi - faceted approach helped to soothe my symptoms, while at the same time focused on solving the underlying issues. I really appreciate his ability to choose the right treatment for each issue, as well as his capability of so many types of healing.

Greg’s confidence leaves each appointment feeling positive, with a clear understanding of what is needed from me, to make the most of his care. I continue to see Greg now to keep things moving along in such a positive direction. For the first time in a few years, I feel that I can move forward with my fitness goals!

I would highly reccommend Gregory Shea, DPT.
— Kara, D
“Greg has done wonders for helping me keep on track with my training, from helping to minimize the effects of an injury at the start, to working over a long period of time to overcome injuries that I had been dealing with for months. He has helped me get to the bottom of the origins of those maladies and imbalances within my body to help prevent future incidents as well as speed along recovery to get back to racing at full capacity.”
— Wes V., Green Racing Project, USA Sculling Olympic hopeful, Tokyo 2020